The beautiful Lot Valley in pictures         

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The neighbouring 12th century village of Puy l'Eveque,   where boats may be hired          

puyleveque2.JPG (48373 bytes)     rivierekayak.jpg (23532 bytes)

The Pont Valentre -  crossing the River Lot at Cahors,   which also has a large market square

pont_valentre.jpg (48738 bytes)                      Marche.jpg (8351 bytes)

Chateau Bonaguil and restaurant below                                      Wine tasting at one of countless small chais

Bonaguil1.jpg (27945 bytes)              winetasting.jpg (6756 bytes)

St Cirque Lapopie is an artist's paradise               Cave paintings at Peche-Merle and Lascaux

st_cirq_lapopie.jpg (55500 bytes)                  Lascaux.jpg (15700 bytes)   

If you haven't seen the Lot Valley, you haven't seen France ...................... Animgl~1.gif (5197 bytes)

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